Publications and Patents

Wearables to Measure Focus

Learn More about the captivates smartglasses, the Equinox smartwatch, or the Feather leg strap.

Interventions to Alter Engagement

Learn More about the Huxley smartbook, the Emailed email client, or the Stagehand and Guitarbot projects.

Machine Learning for Perception

Learn More about David's machine learning work.

Audio System Engineering

Learn More about these audio systems.

Scalable Air Quality Monitoring

Learn More about David's master's work.


David has also written (in non-peer reviewed settings) about additional work including modeling respiratory neural networks at NIH, an avatar app for behavior change, and machine learning for parent-child dialog classification.

David is also engaging in the psychology community, with a lightning talk at the recent SIPS 2022 (Society for Improving Psychological Science) conference and a poster upcoming in SPP 2022 (Society for Philosophy and Psychology).


David created and was primary lecturer for; the first for-credit MIT course explicitly addressing psychology's replication crisis: MAS.S73: Moving Beyond the Replication Crisis. David received the department nomination for MIT's Goodwin Medal for Exceptional Graduate Instruction as a result of this effort.

  • MAS.S73 Moving Beyond the Replication Crisis IAP ‘22
    Creator and primary lecturer for class on replication crisis in psychology, Check it out here.
  • MAS.S61 AI and Mental Health (Roz Picard) Spring ‘21
    2 hr lecture on loneliness and solitude, lead TA
  • MAS.836 Sensor Technologies for Interactive Environments (Joe Paradiso) Spring ’16, ’17, ’19, ’22
    2 hr lecture on chemical sensing, redesigned labs, several recitation lectures on circuit design
  • MAS.S76 Adventures in Sensing (Joe Paradiso) Spring ’21
    MC of discussion with Shoshanna Zuboff and Bunnie Huang
  • Texas Instrument Internet of Things Introduction IAP ‘15
    Lecture on electronics, practical project guidance

David is also active as a big brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, has mentored 5 Undergraduate researchers during his time at MIT, and serves as an Graduate Resident Assistant in MIT's East Campus dorm.

Quick Facts

  • MS from the MIT Media Lab; skills include hardware system design and deep probabilistic computation applied to perception and psychology
  • Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering (conc. signal processing) and Music from Case (CWRU) in Cleveland, OH
  • Six months researching at Google; half in Mountain View and half in Zurich at Google AI
  • Two summers in Shenzhen at a manufacturing boot camp run by Andrew 'bunnie' Huang
  • Work experience at NIH, NRL, GE, and (three years @) Bose Research giving a strong variety of Research, Systems, & EE/CS skills
  • Fulbright Recipient, worked in Ireland at DIT on musical DSP project for people with disabilities
  • AI Grant Recipient, for work on Machine Learning models to predict auditory perception
  • Creator of the first MIT for-credit class explicitly focused on psychology's replication crisis
  • Department nominee for the MIT Goodwin Medal for excellence in Graduate Teaching, 2022
  • Highly-rated TA (7x classes), GRA (5x years), UROP Mentor (5x mentees), and 'big brother'
  • 14 peer reviewed publications, 2 patents, numerous conference presentations
  • Projects have been discussed on NPR and appeared in the MIT Museum
  • Avid musician and gearnut with a professional certificate from Berklee for music production
  • Heavy traveler (30+ countries)

Old Projects

Click here to explore some of David's really old prior work.